About Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan



Chalk Paint™

chalk-paint-canDeveloped in the UK by renowned artist, author and decorative painter, Annie Sloan, Chalk Paint™ decorative paint is versatile and easy-to-use. Whether you are a
beginner DIYer or a veteran to the craft, Chalk Paint™ allows you  to be creative
without worrying about the preparation and technicalities of painting.

Annie Sloan has created an official resource for all things Chalk Paint™ with the launch of the chalkpaint.com website. Here you’ll find additional answers to your painting questions, learn more about the brand, and be inspired by Annie’s creations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with Chalk Paint™:

  • Can be used on any surface – literally
  • Requires no sanding or priming
  • Can be used on furniture, walls and floors
  • Can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces and furnishings
  • Can be easily distressed to create an old world patina
  • It environmentally friendly as it contains low VOC’s and has little to no odour

How to Use for a French Look:

  1. Apply two coats of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint, moving the brush in multiple directions. The first and second coats should be coordinating colours.
  2. Apply the second coat of paint thinner than the first.
  3. Apply Clear Soft Wax with a lint-free cloth or brush. Work the wax into the paint like you would apply hand cream, making sure to remove any excess.
  4. Use a fine or medium grit sandpaper to artfully remove a little of the paint.
  5. Re-wax and polish. You can polish again the next day for more sheen.


Soft Wax


annie-sloan-soft-waxDeveloped to work with Chalk Paint™, Annie Sloan Soft Waxes add the finishing touch to your product. It is used as a protective layer on top of your Chalk Paint™ colour as well as to create decorative finishes and patinas when layered together.  The Soft Wax can be mixed with Chalk Paint™ to create a coloured wax.

How to Use:

Apply Clear Wax with a cloth or brush over dry Chalk Paint™. The wax will appear to darken the paint, but on drying it won’t be so apparent. For a distressed finish, rub gently with fine sandpaper AFTER applying the Clear Wax (while wax is still wet), then wax again. For a more pronounced aged look use Dark Wax over the Clear Wax, working it into any brush textures and removing excess with the clear wax. Finally buff with a cloth.

Maintaining Your Furniture:

All water-based furniture finishes need 21-28 days to cure (or longer if there are several layers of wax). For regular cleaning, use a soft cloth or slightly damp cloth on unwanted stains.  Avoid excessive water; wax is by nature water resistant but will spot if not wiped immediately. Please treat your newly-finished piece of furniture as you would a fine fabric or antique – with respect!